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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by andyatkins, Mar 11, 2004.

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    Having resarched further following some helpful advice from the forum, I think I have a solution worked-out for remote controlling my Sky+ box over a recently installed wifi network (RF remote extenders don't work due to thickness of walls & distances involved).

    I would appreciate any feedback as to whether the following is feasible:-

    * Netremote on iPAQ 3970 running PPC2002 with an SD wifi card (SD slot is SDIO compatable). Sky CCF (SKy+ specific version?)

    * P4 1.8GHz PC running XP (Pro or Home?) with Girder. RedRat 3 via USB inc. Girder plug-in to IR control Sky+ box.

    Given i've already got the PDA & a decent spec. XP (Home) PC, I reckon all I need is the REdRat 3 USB & the SDIO wifi card for the PDA.

    What do you reckon guys - will it work? If it is feasible is there alot of development work on s.w side to get the PDA setup as a Sky/+ remote & then getting girder to accept the Netremote commands over wifi & pass them onto the Redrat?

    Lastly can anyone confirm the Redrat Girder plugin is fully functional? Browsing on the website it seems to suggest it;s only in Beta at present?

    Thanks again for your help
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    You will need a SKY + specific CCF as it is different from standard sky.
    I have read several threads about controling devices via a wifi system but have never set one up myself a good place to ask would be here

    tell them your asking for there expert advice flattery always works!:D

    on the files section of remote central are 10 sky + CCF files

    In the US they have more experience of this type of system
    hope this helps:D

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