Will this work? Re-using a faulty Pioneer VSA-AX10


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Hi folks,

My 20 year old Pioneer VSA-AX10 amplifier has failed - seems to be a faulty dolby/dts decoder which means everything needing DAC is going only to the left front channel. Annoyingly all 7 power amps are still working beautifully because I can still use the 7.1 multichannel-in, which I assume bypasses the DAC. So, seems a shame to scrap or sell for parts and I'm wondering if I can re-use as a power-amp.

The plan is to move from 7.1 to an Atmos 7.1.4 set-up, something like a Denon 4400h or newer receiver, so I'm thinking I can perhaps use the VSA-AX10 to power the front channels, perhaps even bi-amp them (so 170w x2 to each front), and power the remaining speakers by the Denon 4400h. This would work out cheaper than buying a receiver with 11 power amps.

Please can you help me confirm this will work ok? From research I think I would just connect the Denon 4400h front pre-outs to the Pioneer 7.1 multichannel-in fronts and do the 'amp-assign' set-up in the Denon? One thing I'm not sure on is what do I then set the Pioneer volume to? Leave at reference 0db?

Alternatively, would the Denon be a better amplifier for the fronts and perhaps just use the old Pioneer for a couple of Atmos height speakers? Seems overkill to me though.


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