will this work ok as speaker cable?


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thanks but I need the cable to be white since 2 cables will be going down the wall!


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Normal mains cable will definitely give you sound - How good is your set up?
You probably won't believe it but 2.5mm twin and earth mains cable years ago actually got good reviews in the hifi mags. At the time was very comparable to fairly decent dedicated speaker cable.
You can get some fairly good speaker cable nowadays tho that is probably as cheap as what your looking at.


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Your originally selected cable is too small. It needs to be minimum 1.5mm².

Normal 'zip cord' or common electrical wire does work. But the quality of the copper is different than speaker wire.

If you want wire in white there are plenty of choices -

Speaker Cable - Audiovisual Online - High Quality Audio Video Cables and Accessories

Note, there are 2 pages here. Down near the bottom you can select 'Page 2'.

Typically we recommend wire in the £1 to £2 range, but any wire on this page that is 1.5mm² or 2.5mm will get the job done.

Frequently you can go to hardware or building supply store and find specifically speaker wire at decent prices, just remember 1.5mm² is the minimum.



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There is a well-known story of Quad's using bright orange "speaker cable" to demonstrate their latest ESL speakers (cost ca. £4000) at a hifi show. When asked, they revealed that the speaker cable they had brought with them wasn't long enough, so they'd bought a Black & Decker power cable from a local shop.

So the answer is yes, your friend is right. Just use 13A cable.
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