Will this system work or have I missed the point?


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Hi Folks,

Having taken time to digest what I have learnt in the last 48+ hours, this is my proposal.

I will get a NAS, currently looking at this : Buffalo Linkstation Pro Quad High Speed 4-Bay NAS Enclosure 1.6GHz (Diskless) 1 x Gigabit RAID 0/1/5/10
which will offer 3TB of storage in two bays 2 x Seagate 3TB NAS HDD SATA 6GB/s 64MB 3.5" Hard Drive. I'd like to store it under the stairs, alongside my wireless printer, for noise redution as otherwise i'll be in the lounge.
(is it possible to set the disks to compile a backup of data in this NAS in case one HDD ever corrupts?) Presumably I could add other HDDs as time passes, the need arises and they become cheaper.

I want to plug it into the wall using TRENDnet TPL-308E2K Powerline 200 AV Nano Adapter Kit , the other plug will then link directly to my BT homehub router.

I have a single CAT 6 cable from the router, hidden behind the skirting, to where my AV stand is.

Then I was contemplating using NetGear Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps 5port Switch 200 Series 3yr Wty Met to split the cable/signal so that I can use further Cat 6 cables to wire into my Panny TX p50st50b , PS3 and dedicated media streamer (yet unpurchased but likely to be the Pioneer N50 or if I'm feeling flush the Cambridge Audio Magic 6) all of which will run through my Denon AVR1909 and the Vibe Monolith setup.

Its also kindly been suggested that I could use the PS3 as transport and set that up using the onboard DAC in the media streamer, in order to play adhoc CDs that friends might bring around. I intend on burning all my CDs to FLAC and storing on the NAS. Later I'd like to do this with DVDs and BluRays too. Can this NAS be used with a torrent client so it can download torrents whilst my laptop/PC is off?

Clearly I am new to this, but have read the stickies and other posts as well as conducted searches and am hoping that I will be able to make this system or one similar to it work.

People with actual understanding of this technology, what are the shortfalls of my plan and are there items within this system that are clearly inferior to similarly priced items OR items have I got it completely wrong :rolleyes::lease:

As always, thanks in advance.

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1) Hardware is fine though I would go with a Synology NAS instead it offers more features/flexibility than Buffalo models do which is important to media streaming.

2) The panny ST50 is not a particularly great media player, same goes for the PS3 they have limited media support. You can work within those constraints encoding everything to the lowest common denominator or go with a dedicated player that plays almost everything.

So I would recommend a Synology NAS along with a Popcornhour A400 as the media player, you can use the PCH with your sound system too as it also supports Airplay and Synology have pretty decent companion apps for tablets/phones (see DSAudio) that can push audio to Airplay/DLNA receivers.
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Cheers for the heads up.

Will the pch sound as good as the n50 in regards to music? That is my ultimate passion really. Video is a secondary concern in my set up. I've still not even watched a 3d blu ray on the system to date!

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