Will this scenario work?????


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Hi folks, im just getting into the headphones side of things and reading loads and loads and loads about things and probably confusing myself by looking into stuff too much so going to run a couple of questions by you all.....

I have ordered a pair of Shure SRH440 headphones along with the earpads for the SRH840 and intend to use it for music and films and also out n about travelling on trains/buses.

So for home use (films and music) it cant be connected to my AV Processor (Rotel 1068) as there is no headphone socket, so was thinking that I could connect the headphones to my Humax Freesat box via the stereo phono plugs using the relevant cable, such as:


This is what I want to know....can headphones be connected directly to a source like that without any damage to the headphones? or would I need to have a headphone amp to control the output level of the Humax box?

The good thing about this way of connection is the Humax has a volume control on the remote so if an amp is needed that can be installed in a fit and forget device when the amp is not being used when im out n about that is.

Second question is for the choice of amp....to which I have shortlisted the following: Fiio E6 or Fiio E11 or maybe even the Soundmagic A10 but that is pushing the budget a wee bit....which would be best suited in your opinion?

The Fiio E11 is top of my list so far.



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well thought through about the volume control. At its simplest you can get sound from the phono outputs just about anything and get noise out of headphones. But you usually would not be able to control its volume. I use this technique with cheap headphones quite often to check outputs. However I don't know that there will be sufficient output to make headphones as loud as you would want. Also you must check with cheap ones first to make sure there is not too much that would blow them up. Further even boxes that have a volume control the volume control may not affect all outputs. E.g. it would affect the TV output but not a VCR output on a freview box


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I use one of these , superb sound for £250 dared EF-99 Welcome To Dared.
take line output from the rotel processor and plug into this It has a superb headphone amp
complete valve headphone amp/usb dac/pre-amp/1watt amp/ipod & bluetooth


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That looks like a cool piece of gear but im not looking to spend that kind of money for my headphone set up (famous last words I know) but im looking for something that is portable too...so that is defo ruled out for my needs.

You have mentioned the LINE OUT of my processor, and the only line outs on it are the TAPE outs or a ZONE 2 out (rca connections)....I have never used either of this type of connection of any setup ive ever had but I thought that would still output sound to my main speakers???? or am I being a complete noob here???

Bow79 - the only other headphones I have are £7 jvc earbuds used for outdoors/gym/cycling uses....so dont think they would help confirm the outputs of the Humax would be safe to use the Shure srh440 directly???
Im still reading up on headphone amps as will defo be getting one but undecided on whch one still.

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