Will this plug arrangement cause any risk?


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Sorry if this is a simple question, but I'm lost when it comes to overloading plugs etc.

At present I have two walls sockets, of which one has a 5-way surge protector running my PC, two monitors, speakers and cordless phone. The other has a 4-way surge protector running two printers and my router; one port spare. All devices are pretty much on at the same time for most of the day/night.

The problem I have is that I need to use one of the wall sockets for a homeplug (wireless terrible in house due to insulation) because they advise not plugging into a surge protector, which means the only choice I have (no more plugs nearby) would be to plug the 5-way adaptor into the spare port on the 4-way adaptor, hense only using the one wall socket.

Would that be too much for the socket to take? The whole house is only a few years old (if that makes a difference!) and all wall sockets run off a single mains loop.

Advice appreciated. :)
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Looking at your equipment you mention you should be ok, the 5 way has the heaviest current draw with the pc and two monitors, the printers and router should be of low current draw, but why is it you need to plug a 6 way adaptor into the 4 way already installed?

A good idea would be to add up the total current draw you have on these sockets already, and then see what the additional items will add, you should be able to find this information in the specification sections of the equipment, that way you will know for sure.

The danger when adding plug extensions is that "spare" plugs generally get something plugged into them, you might not start out with this intention of course, but it can happen - of course the fuse should blow should you exceed the maximum current rating, but as any fireman will tell you fires do happen that are caused by overloading sockets.


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Thanks dlg78, I actually meant the 5-way into the 4-way but have edited my post. I'll work out the total current draw but it was more a question of whether plugging a 5-way into a 4-way is safe, or doesn't it matter providing the draw isn't too high.


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Right so you are wanting to use one socket for the homeplug, and the other socket to run the 5 and 4 way together?

If this is the case I would proceed with caution, that is 9 ways off one 13amp socket, my guess is that it will be too much but without knowing the spec of each piece of equipment it is hard to tell.


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You can get 'pass through" home plugs which do not use up a socket, but are a bit bulky. Maybe useful?


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There's no problem with doing that at all. You're pulling under 1kW at max load probably for all of the kit you list, so about only a third of what a 13A socket can safely deliver.

You could always get an old fashioned 2-way block, and put the homeplug on one outlet and one of the multiplugs on the other?

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