Will this hurt anything?


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Would it hurt to have an active sub plugged into an amp? It's only a weak amp, about 60 watts, with two speakers plugged into it. I don't know how powerful the speakers are, but not very. Probably about 25 watts each?
I don't have any other way of setting things up.


As long as it's low level it'll be ok.
You're a bit vague when you say amp, but as long as it has "sub out", "LFE" or "tape out", it should be fine.


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The questions that need to be asked are -

1.) Does your amp have either Pre-amp outputs or a Subwoofer output on it?

2.) Does you Subwoofer have both Low Level Inputs (RCA-style connectors) and/or High Level Inputs (usually standard speaker connectors)?

It would also help if you told us the specific brand and model of both the amp and the subwoofer.


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