Will this home cinema set up work?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by giantteabag, Oct 9, 2004.

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    So would the following work?
    1.Sky+ TV scart RGB out, to JS VGA Box.
    2.VGA signal from JS box, to PC input of plasma (does this avoid need to buy any terminal boards ?).
    3.RGB out from my Panny HS2 DVR, to sky+ VCR scart (this allows RGB in).
    4.S Video out from sky+ ,to S Video in of HS2 for copying.
    5.Composite out from Panny VCR into Scart 2 of HS2.
    6.AV amp is Sony DB940 & only handles audio. Sky+ audio feed is optical, as is the HS2 audio. VCR is standard phono cables.

    In above set up, everything feeds thru sky+ & is seen on plasma in best poss PQ?
    Or am I just being naieve?

    Finally, would the above create any lip sync problems?

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