Will this connection setup work?


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Morning all,

Im soon going to be moving into a new flat (when its finished being built!) so am currently planning how im going to do my HC setup. The bedroom and lounge are joined and the configuration is just screaming for back to back LCDs! Both are going to be wall mounted, with all the equipment located in the lounge. This way, I can have HD in the bedroom and also use the 360 and Wii with the wireless controllers (I will need another sensor bar of course).

My current LCD is a Samsung 32" N73 which is going to go in the bedroom. Im going to get a Samsung 40" M87 which does 1080p (the N73 is only 720p/1080i).

This is the equipment that is going to be in place:

Wii (with component cable)
Xbox (with official HD pack)
Xbox 360 Elite

I currently have a Joytech 540c Component switcher (the one that looks like the 360) which I think will be useful for my plan.

Here is what I am thinking. Please excuse the crudeness of the drawing!


Any thoughts on how this will work and will there be any issues?

Input will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks



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Just to add, the SkyHD box outputs over component and HDMI at the same time. Ive just realised that I havent planned the SkyHD connection that well!

I think I will have the Sky box connected directly to the lounge TV by HDMI and directly to the bedroom TV by component. That way there will not need to be any switching when wanting to watch Sky.

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