Will this amp work with my speakers?


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Yes, it'll work. And Tripath amplifiers are supposed to give pretty good results, considering their price and physical size.

If the price of that unit is all you want to spend on it, I don't think you'll do much better.

This is, of course, assuming that your TV has an analogue audio output. They don't always.


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Headphone socket isn't quite ideal, but will do the job. Listen out for any distortion that may be caused by turning the volume on the TV up too high. This could damage your speakers.

Also be aware that plugging something into the headphone socket will almost certainly mute the TV speakers. So you can't simply turn the amp off to go back to TV speakers, you'll have to actually unplug it.


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Also keep in mind that the Tripath amp doesn't have a remote control. Though if you are using the headphone out on the TV that doesn't matter that much.

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