Will this amp Rotel rb-985 make my system sound better?


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I have a Yamaha Htr-8063 with front and center b&w DM603 with rears . i have never had a external amp before, if i use the Rotel rb-985 to power my fronts and center will it give my sytem more punch since the yamaha wont be powering those speakers? Just want to know the advanteges this amp will give me. Have a chance of picking one up.


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The power amp, simple to connect via the Yamaha's pre-outs, will allow the remaining speakers connected to it to benefit from the saved power with the Yamaha just powering the remaining speakers. Hard to define 'punch' as the Yamaha's pre-amp will still be the deciding factor in how your audio sounds. It will give you more headroom but should simply amplify the audio that it's getting from the Yamaha. A good power amp should not colour the audio in any way.

I would say to look to upgrading your speakers first as they were considered to be any entry level floorstander. That is where you will find your elusive 'punch'.

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