Will There Ever Be a Pioneer 42" 1080p Plasma


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Hi All

I have been waiting for Pioneer to release details of a 42" 1080p Full HD panel for a while now. Does anyone know if this is likely to hapen any time soon?

I like the look of the 50" version, but its really just too big for my room (I have to agree with the wife on this one :0()

I am fed up of Pioneer salesman telling me that the current Kuro 42" 'low resolution' is better than the Full HD rivals and I wouldn't notice.

Pioneer have the edge on black levels (IMHO) but I want a 1080p panel at 42" like all the other manufacturers appear to be doing.

Is it only a matter of time ?


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Well, it looks like you're going to have to wait until May for any king of announcement from Pioneer. And even then, you won't see them in shops until late summer which is about 8 months away.

It the mean time, you can either wait for the new Panasonics to hit the shelves and see what they have to offer or you can get one of the current crop of Kuros whilst the 5 year warranty promotion is running.

I don't usually say this about salesmen, but they may be right in this instance. Have you actually done a side by side comparison of the 428(0)XD and, say, a 42PZ70? What distance do you watch tv from? I, like many on this board, have learnt that resolution isn't actually that important and actually felt a bit stupid at being taken in by all the marketing.


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I don't usually say this about salesmen said:
Thanks for the reply. I have done a comparison of the 428(0)XD with the Full HD Panasonic and yes ... its damn fine picture. But being an engineer myself I would always be concerned that it had less pixels in the image :0(

My primary source would be HD-DVD/Blu-Ray so I would want to display every available pixel.

My viewing distance would be about 2-3 metres I guess.

The Panasonic would be my next choice, but Pioneer have always had the edge on picture I feel.

If I'm going to spend the money .... I'll get a 1080 Full HD screen, but I might have to wait till the middle of the year to get it :0(


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If your primary source id Blu Ray/HD DVD then, yes, I can understand you wanting the extra pixels. To be honest, at my viewing distance of 10ft, I don't really see much difference in sharpness, but then I am due an eye test soon:D

I'll be very interested to see the new Panasonics, especially the PZ85 series. I wasn't overly impressed by the PZ70, but a significant improve and a competitive price point could give Pioneer a few sleepless nights.

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