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Will there be a homebrew to play PSone games on PSP?

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by Gemini-Phoenix, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Gemini-Phoenix

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    Jun 23, 2005
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    I was thinking...Perhaps someone clever like CodeMasters or Datel could come up with a PSP peripheral that lets you run old PSone games on the PSP.

    Something like a UMD disc which lets you load games directly from a Memory Stick ~ Only thing is, you'd need a fairly beefy Memory Stick to do so, as some PSone games can be up to 650MB

    That is the one thing that I would want on the PSP. Think of the possibilities. MGS on the go. FFVII on the go. Etc...

    Obviously there is a piracy issue here, but the system has been outdated for at least four or five years. Surely Sony could make it acceptable to do something like this, and I guess many of you already copy your PSone games to yoru hard-drive and play via ePSXe anyway? (What? You don't? Why not?)

    This would be virtually doing the same thing.

    And personally, I love the idea of playing old Snes & Mega Drive games on something other than the proper consoles, or my PC ~ I was able to do it on my N-Gage to a point, but it oviously had it's downfalls (Ie, No sound, and tiny screen)

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