Will the PS3 charge my controller in standby?


i wonderd that but it looks ugly so i just plug into my pc and charge it that way as the pc is always on


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i just plug into my pc and charge it that way as the pc is always on
That is very good thinking,this never occurred to me.
It certainly seems to work ok. :smashin:
It comes up as USB Human Interface Device - Playstation 3 Controller. :)


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10 MINS??? Really??? I could have sworn that mine takes 1 - 2 hours to charge fully...

I left mine alone and it took around 10-15mins, playing and charging takes around 1 hour( should have made that clear), also I wait till the message pops up to tell you to charge.

The Gooner

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mine also takes alot longer than 10 mins left alone, although surprised at how long they last


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its easy enough... just check out your manual for instuctions on removing battery to dismantle it then its just some 2.8v LEDS and wires to plug them in, though a little fiddling seems to be required to get the led to fit in! :) hope that helps?

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