Will the Pansonic Series 4 stand, fit the Series 5 display

I have ordered my Series 5, but need a stand.. I have just been quoted alteast 3 week lead time on the stand.

Can I use the older Series 4 stand??

To be honest, even though its 'square', i actually prefer the look of it as its seems to fit the design of the display.

Plus, it seems to have a larger footprint, which must improve the stability.

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The Series 4 and 5 pedestal stands are interchangeable.

Thanks for that.. Turns out that I can't get EITHER??

The new stand has a 3 week lead time and no-one has stock of the old one.

Empire direct are doing it at a really good price (£111), but it will be 2 weeks (and thats assuming they can get one)

If anyone knows where I can get a stand I would be interested to hear.

All the best

Could it get any more confusing??

Empire direct list the 'TYST05H', where as Unbeatable 'TYST05S'

I am guessing that the 'S' is silver, and the 'H' is black.

But, Empire direct seem to think that theirs is 'Silver'.

As its £111, I have ordered one, but I seriously think that it will be black.

Surely it should be simple trying to source a stand!!



I'm currently trying to get hold of the the TYST05 stand and am a little confused over the naming. As far as I can tell, it is 'S' for silver and 'K' for black while Empire have 'H' for what they claim is the silver - did they send the silver one to you??


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Does anyone have the sizes of the footprints for the series 4 and 5 stands please? I thought they were the same.

The 73cm one would overhang at the corners slightly on my unit so I'd be very interested in a narrower (but deeper) stand.


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