Will the Panasonic Speakers match the Toshiba 42WP16E Plasma

Jon Weaver

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I have heard that the Toshiba and Panasonic Plasmas are the same, but is this really true?

I can't find anyone selling the speakers for the Toshiba, but can for the Panasonic.

Will the Panasonic verson of the speakers physically fit? Are they colour matched so that they suit the Toshiba?

I also need the stand, so guess that the same question applies.. Can I use the Panasonic desktop stand?


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As long as you don't mind me replying again. I do not see *any* reason why the Panasonic speakers would not fit the Toshiba. The 42PW16 is an exact clone after all!

As far as I am aware the silver framed Toshiba is exactly the same colour as the Panasonic, so the speakers should look fine.


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Sorry, same goes for the pedestal stand. The fixings should be exactly the same, as is the colour.

Jon Weaver

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No problems with you replying more than once, ALL information is useful.

It seems that there are very few dealers selling the Toshiba accessories... Panasonic yes, but not Toshiba.

I would rather buy the right accessories but am surprised that few dealers are selling them.

Does anyone know of suppliers for the Toshiba accessories?


i bought my toshiba from www.nexnix.co.uk they were very good
give them a ring as there are no accessories on there website they might better the price you found

Jon Weaver

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I have been looking at their 'shop' but have been unable to find any stands or speakers.

When I did a search for 'toshiba' and 'stand', I got about 200 items.

I will have another look.

Jon Weaver

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Sorry.. I am talking b**locks.. I just did 'toshiba stand' again and got 10 items.

I have also dropped them a mail asking whether they can do anything if I bought the Plasma, stand and speakers together (based on the £2999 price tag at Richer Sounds).


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