Will the new ratings enforcement affect indie games?


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Apr 23, 2008
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Indie games are unrated, which is why they can't be sold in many countries including Australia and Germany where they have stricter laws on game ratings. The UK has been OK up to now because our ratings system is still optional.

I believe this changes later this year when PEGI ratings will be legally enforceable on games from September onwards. What I don't know though, is if all games will be required to be rated before they can be sold in the UK and if so, would that mean that MS are forced to pull the indie games service from this country?

Anyone know about this? Any of the indie game devs that occasionally post?
I can't see MS just pulling the service because of the ratings, but you never know.

This question would probably be best asked over at Gaf, in one of the toythatkills monthly threads. Many Indie devs post about there ;)

Then you can post the answer back here Sig :D


I could see a problem with games we've already bought if the 'service' was pulled. Hmm.
I've asked over at GAF. If I get an answer from someone that's in the know, I'll post it here. :thumbsup:

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