Will the AVR 350 keep it's low price?


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Dec 30, 2004
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As the title asks, will the AVR 350 keep it's £599 price or is it a one off deal?

agree until all stocks are run out

then 2nd hand prices should be quite healthy :) :thumbsup:
I don't see 2nd hand prices going above the current £600 in the future as the technology will keep moving on leaving the AVR350 behind even more.

It's a real shame as it is a fantastic amp but for the PS3 generation who get HD sounds over HDMI your a bit stuffed.

I would guess it will become a £4-500 amp which aint bad really.
I meant more healthy than they are now as the market is saturated

I reckon 500 will be reasonable later in the year
I reckon 500 will be reasonable later in the year

500 quid second-hand for a 2-year old AV product that retailed at £600 and is lacking hi-def support? Dream on... ;-)

I'd guess that the second-hand value of an AVR350 will be closer to £250 - £300. It is never going to be "collectable", which is the only way the second-hand value is likely to climb again.
just like A1SRs and A11SRs etc aren't collectible now either ?!

600 was not the RRP - 600 was the EOL price - quite a difference

just like the Toshiba SD-9500s when they were on clearance from Tosh at 300 ..... 2 years later on - they still go 220-250 2nd hand ... and DVD has been well superceded

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I'd agree with Buckster - everything has an instrinsic bottom value. IF the AVR350 hits £250 then AVR100's will be free and AVR200's about a ton but if you look on the bay now the AVR200's still fetch £200ish.

The AVR350 is a good product and people recognise that hence I reckon between £4-500.
Most dealers are saying there will be new stock in October, Do you think this will be the last of the 350's or will they be available into the new year?

Have they been discontinued or are they about to be?

Cheers for the replies so far :smashin:

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