Will the App store tie you to Apple phones in the future?


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One thing that I was thinking recently was that the more money I spend on Apps the more that ties me into the Apple iOS ecosystem.

I'd conservatively guess I've spent £50ish so far. Not a fortune, but still it's money that should I switch to Android I would potentially have to spend on the Android marketplace to regain some of that functionality back again.

Not sure what the solution is, I'd imagine that by the time it comes to changing phone that money spent will have crept up further and will certainly be a consideration when thinking of switching.

How much will your expense in the App store tie you to Apple phones in the future?? I'm already feeling a bit tied in.

Very happy at the moment but in the future should Android phones push ahead I fear that my expense on the App store could mentally lock me to Apple handsets.

Gary D

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Trapping you is kind of the point. Although its just an illusion really, your only trapped if you want to be. You just have to abandon it if you find something you like. I have a foot in WP7, Android and iOS - if a new iPhone comes out that i want to buy (although i'm not pinning my hopes on iP5) then i'll buy one and all my apps will install :smashin:

But if you have all apple equipment then there would be no need to change. as it will all work very well together. If you haven't got any apple equipment and you don't want any, then you may have to rethink of the approach before you get any deeper if its going to bother you.


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