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Will switching the Mains Cable on an AVR300 make much difference?


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I have now got my first arcam and AVR300 linked to Mission Elegantes and I love it.... I hear a clarity to cds and Dvds that I have never appreciated before and am working my way though my music and dvd collection again.

I was reading about enhance the sound further by using different mains power cords - anyone tried this with the AVR300?


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I was looking at the Chord Powerkord for my system. I'm well pleased with my other Chord products but you hear so many arguments for and against mains leads. So I would like to hear also other peoples thoughts also:smashin:


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I'd love to know the outcome of this one.... I know interconnects make a huge difference, but mains cables... I'm yet to be convinced. Just keep it short and plug it directly into the nearest wall socket. Oh, and I'm in Europe where they don't have that 'weak link' fuse in the way...


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I've tried a few mains products, Isotek leads, M&K Toughplugs up to Isotek GII minisub and a Substation - all of them on an AVR300.

Couldn't tell any real difference on the Toughplugs, very very slight differences on the Isotek leads and, to my mind, worthwhile improvements with the Minisub and Substation.

It's a real thorny issue this one and I can only recommend try before you buy!

If you buy from Audiophilecandy, there's a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don't think it works, send it back.


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Hi Guys,

I got a whole load of Chord Company power chords on my system... even the projector and Lcd screen !!

I made a difference starting with the biggest difference on the sources and the processor. There was also a noticable improvement on the projector and LCD screen....

Find a local dealer and borrow them and find out !!



I thought mains leads were just a case of emporers new clothes syndrome.
So using 3 lengths of 2.5mm single core cable I braided a new lead together for my hi-fi unit. It changed the sound so much (for the worse) I originally thought I had damaged some of the electrical internals on the hi-fi. Re-using the original lead proved otherwise.
Realising leads can make a difference - for both good and bad I demo'd several before replacing all of my leads on ones which altered the sound to my way of hearing (and watching) for the better.
Despite the initial outlay, they are of course transferable to the next bit of kit.:D



Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I do find much depends on how "dirty" the mains is to begin with. And the rest depends on the level/balance of the system. For your elegantes and AVR300 the potential is definitely there for a difference to be earned, but for more modest systems it may be a case of flogging a dead horse.... Best if you can is to borrow cables and see for yourself!


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I Have got PS Audio xStream powercords on my a32 en cd23t. It's a significant difference between the freebie enclosured powercords.


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When i had my avp700/p1000 combo i used Atlas mains cables from mountain snow. A definate improvement over the feebies, but at a cost.

As above, try before you buy.


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Yip try before you buy.
I found that the CD player (source) benefits most and would suggest you replace that first. I use Russ Andrews Yello cables which are relatively cheap and help smooth out the sound.
Have a read of the FAQ which can be downloaded from his site.
My mate has a RA classic power cord and it did seem to improve upon the yelo albeit £ for £ I'd stick with the former.

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