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Had an Openreach engineer out today. I was getting very poor speed and wanted it looked at before renewing my contract, I’m with BT on infinity 1

Anyway he changed my master socket and I’m getting higher speed now. It’s coming in at 24.5 down and 9.4 up. That’s using an iPad to measure the speed

I’ve read about speed settling down over a few days. Does that mean I could end up with either more speed or less speed. Or is it just likely to stay at around this figure



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Presumably you're on VDSL if that's some sort of speed test?

It's likely to stay at around that figure, but it may go up or down depending on how the electrical noise changes through the day.


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Whatever you do don't switch off or power down the BT Home Hub as the equipment at the exchange will see that as an unstable signal and automatically reduce your speed to stabilise it.


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You have to turn the router on and off a fair few times for DLM to misjudge it as a fault and lower your speed.

Mandi davison

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We are with BT and speed was shocking for first few days but it did settle down and we get about the same as you now :)

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