Will Sky+ Fit in Loewe Mimo Cabinet?


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Having just ordered Sky+ (and hence the new V3 box) I just wanted to check the box will fit in the (slightly) narrow cabinet of my 32" Loewe Mimo. My Harman DVD player is already a snug fit.

We previously had an ordinary Sky box in the cabinet (long story involving buying the house from the mother-in-law) which fit OK, so if anyone can compare that box (would be the silver one from about three years ago) that would be great too.

Ideally, if anyone has their Sky+ in a Mimo cabinet could they let me know.




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I've just ordered a Mimo but wasn't sure about the stand. Would I be able to fit 3.5 units - VCS, DVD (full size, like a video), Tivo and Sky minibox?


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Yes it did :)

I have my Sky+ and a Harman Kardon DVD player in mine. You could get one more small item in at the bottom (we used to have an old sky box that just fitted, but not much else. There'll be room for my NIntendo Revolution when it arrives though.


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