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Will placing my speakers above the fire damage them?


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I've just bought a new house and i'm starting to get the living room setup for my av gear.

I'm mounting my LCD on the wall above a built in gas fire. I've been told that as long as i put the tv into the wall so that the front is flush with the surround then it should be fine. My builder is taking care of that as we speak but i just realised that my centre speaker will hung on the wall between the fire and the tv.

Will the heat from the fire damage it, if so would i get around this by buying an in wall version of the speaker. Not really keen on this as it jumps the price up massivly but if it saves the speaker then i'll have to do it.

In case it helps the fire is here

And the speakers are here

Thats should give you an idea of how it will all be placed.

Hope some of you installers out there can help with this. The builders and the Fire stockist don't really see a problem but I'm not too sure how much they know about speakers.



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You could always wait until you have the fire installed as feel how hot it gets above it. Or place a candle above it and see how it affects the wax; if it melts in 30 seconds you might have a problem ;)


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Thats a pretty good idea. i get the fire installed mid jan and although i'll be buying the kit asap i guess i could just wait and try that. Means having no surround setup for a bit:( but i guess its better than a damaged speaker.


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Looking at the fireplace (is it gas) I think you'll be fine.

I have a wooden fire surround and the only time I've bubbled the varnish is with a roaring log fire for several hours. I think you'll be fine with a gas fire.

And those PMC wafers looks the dogs ... :rotfl:

Please post some photos when you've done it.


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Will def post some pics when its finished but don't expext them till the end of Feb, :( working on my builders timeframe .Got my mate whos a 3D modeler helping me out with it all. He's been showing me what the various screens / speaker / fire combos will look like and now its seems i've picked out what i want.

Incase anyones interested, mhuk05 PMed me and quite rightly pointed out that crustyloafer is the guy to speak to for PMC wafers. He has some and has heard them against alot of other speakers. If your wanting a set then send him a message. On paper these speakers blow the KEF KHT range and B&W FPWs out of the water.


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Here are some shots of the Wafer 2s in situ for anyone who is interested. These are my own units which I uses as surrounds at home.





Below is a link to the review that they had in Hi-Fi Choice magazine recently:



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Why put the photos in a quote in the reply? We can see the photos you're referring to - no need to post them again is there:confused:


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I heard these about 3 months before PMC actually released them, I thought at the time they did look rather shabby, however I was put in my place by being told (quite rightly so) the covers hide them.
The fact that they are a centre and front speaker (depending which way up you have them) is for me an excellent idea. Keeps everything nice and neat.
Performance wise they sound a heck of a lot better than they look. Bass response from a slim speaker is usually a no no but these have a pretty good crack at it.
If you can handle the hefty price ticket and there's some bizarre reason why you can't have proper speakers (often wives) then these are the only ones that are worth getting.

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