Will Pioneer PDP504 take a 1280X1024 PC signal?


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Looking to install wiring for my forthcoming 504.

Can I input a standard 1280 X 1024 signal from my PC?

I'll not bother running the cables if it wont accept this resolution as this is what my distribution sytem outputs.

I presume the panel will somehow downscale the resolution to accomodate??


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Don't want to run the cables if I don't need to!


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it will either down scale to 1280x768 (the panels native res)or upscale 1024x768 to 1280x768.

or you may be able to 1:1 map 1280x768. for better pic quality

but if your signal is fixed then it will down scale


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i tested pc connection (CRT analogue connector) with my 504hde a couple of weeks ago:
1280 X 1024 didnt work from my laptop... gave incorrect resolution input or something
1024x768 did work and it stretched so i guess it upscaled it to 1280x768
my laptop dont support 1280x768 so i couldnt test that one


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Hey guys is 1:1 pixal mapping possible with ssay a HTPC using powerstrip on the HDE pioneers..?? i was thinking of holding out for the MXE.:confused:


Are you sure you can get 1024x768 @70Hz. I only appear to have options of 60Hz at this resolution.

Shame it won't do 72Hz and then it would be more useful with a HCPC.


The answer is if you want to use a PC, buy another plasma. This is Pioneer's consumer plasma, and is completely geared towards the domestic market, and whilst Mr Gates steers his products more and more to the home, plasma manufacturers steer their products further and further from PC users. Don't they take any notice of each other?


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This unit will bes used 99% of the time as a TV with Freeview - just handy to have the PC functionality (even at the reduced resolution) for occasional viewing of JPEG's, PC, Video web pages etc.

Thanks guys.

Joe Fernand

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Whilst I have the 04HDE unit as our main TV I have it wired such that most of the time I don't actually rely on the Media Box too much.

My video sources are all Interlaced YUV or RGB (converted to YUV) and switched through a Zektor HDS4 and then into a Lumagen Vision which outputs RGBHV at [email protected] - it works well and I find the Lumagen is better at converting PAL 50Hz to 70Hz than the R04 Media Box.

Best regards


PS If were watching the news or the wee man's watching Power Rangers its S-Video from SKY+ into Input 2 on the R04.

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