Will paper mario (ntsc) work with freeloader ver 1.08B?



Could someone please help me ive just received Papermario 1000 year door ntsc version and am trying to play it with freeloader ver 1.06B. I am aware that some games wont load with freeloader ver 1.06B i was wondering if anyone knows if this is one of them?

I have several other ntsc games all working fine on freeloader and have also tried freeloader/papermario in another gamecube i own with no success.

If freeloader wasnt working would it load anything at all as i do get past the nintendo logo and on to the bit where it shows you a book with a star on at the front before i get the message - Cannot read game disk please consult gamecube manual!

The disk seems to be quite noisy when spinning and stops just prior to getting the message on screen, if i remove disk then put another in it prompts me to re-insert paper mario and then the game plays a few more seconds(new material) before giving me the on screen message.

Any help would be great as i cant decide whether the disk is faulty or its a compatabilty issue, and have a limited time within which to return the game.

Cheers Geoff:)


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Is it the Wii version of freeloader - i.e. the one that will allow you to play import gamecube games on the Wii. It should say on the freeloader box if it is.

If it is the Wii version I can confirm that it works fine with NTSC Paper Mario.



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I've got 1.06b, and I've never had a game fail to load with it - including Paper Mario. Unless you've got a more recent Cube and Ninty somehow managed to get around Freeloader (which is unlikely, as it still works with Wii), it sounds like a faulty game.
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