Will Panny 6 HD prices Come Down

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Kopite4Ever, Jul 26, 2004.

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    As everybody knows the SD is at a very very very resonable price for the quality you get. but its time soon i belive for the 7 series to appear (or what ever line it is, new viera's perhaps). so my question is will the 6 series HD be totally Discontinued or will we see the price come down abit. im saying this as i will be looking at having enough money in september for a totally new A/V setup and was looking at the SD 6 series. but after reading some of the retailer's on this forum rave about the HD Panny & Pio im really reconsidering waiting till past september to save up more moeny for a HD panny. if its discontinued then that means the 7 series prices will be alot higher than the prices we are seeing now and the price of a HD 6 series may well be the same as a 7 series SD set. wow thats some rambling :D but if any retailers can civv through and shed some light then that would be helpfull.

    ps just reading through i thought i could not buy the amp speakers etc at the mo and get a HD set then save up again for the other bits of a/v kit. but that means excellent HD Set with average components going to it :eek:


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