Will old wall mount fit new TV?


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My brother (who does not live with me) just bought a new 50 inch TV.
He already has a 50 inch TV mounted on the wall, using a moveable mount.

The new TV is: LG 50UN7000PUC. I Googled and it looks like this TV has VESA mount 200mm x 200mm

The old TV is Samsung PN51E6500. It is mounted using 4 screws, but I don't know the dimensions.

What are the chances that the new TV can use the same mount the old one did - assuming that I may need to change the screws and/or spacers.
I would probably need to purchase a screw & spacer kit for the new tv?

Thanks for your help


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According to that manual on the web it's 400 x 400 using M8 screws... length not specified, but were originally in the holes of the TV. Plus spacers if a non-Samsung mount.

So it all depends on the wall mount and what adjustments / alternative hole positions it has.
Check out LG's manual for the screw size and length permitted?


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The install info supplied by LG on the website you linked to is non-existent. It only states that the TV can be wall mounted, but I didn't see a word about mounting dimensions, screw size, or spacers.
I guess I'll just have to see what happens when I open the package. I can easily measure the mounting against the old TV. As for screw size, maybe it would be a good idea to order the 'screw & spacer' kit from Amazon.


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YOU stated it's 200x200 also on the web page under Spec:
  • VESA Mounting (W x H)
  • 200 x 200
That's incompatible to the Samsung 400x400.

I can't help it LG USA website is a pile of :censored: Have you asked on their Community forum? Or the retailer's helplines?

The wall mount data sheet is what you NEED to find first as it may need a new one in the worst case scenario? Or an adapter plate?

Screws and spacers and bolts - if needed - are simple enough to be found in many a 'man drawer'. A fairly large selection came with the wall mount I fitted a few years back.


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I always keep the (extra) hardware supplied with products like that, but I don't know whether my brother does. He's not as well organized as I am.
I haven't checked the LG community forum yet, but I will; thanks for the suggestion.

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