Will Marantz NR1604 be a good replacement for Panasonic SC-BT100

Derek J Spence

Novice Member
Hi all AVFs. I am new to this site and have a quick question which will hopefully help me select a suitable surround system.
For the last few years, I have been using Panasonic's SC-BT100 (along with two wireless kits which expand the system to 7.1). This was a handy home theatre and meant I did not have to fork out for a seperate Blu-Ray player. There were problems with it from the start (mainly the constant white noise from the surround/rear speakers and the fact that the audio dropped off completely during Blu-Ray viewing [happened once every 3 or so discs, fixed by stopping the disc and restarting]).
Despite these issues, I actually liked the system, the sound and the picture quality from Blu-Rays.
Last week, I lost all audio from all sources and soit is now a muted Blu-Ray player (i could use the TV speakers, but who would do such a thing after 6 years of 5.1/7.1 experience?).
I recently got an Xbox1 and so no longer require a home theatre, just an AV Receiver to process and deliver the surround experience.
I will be on a budget and may need to be fussy on the height of the AV Receiver because of the IKEA cabinet I plan to locate it in. I do not, however, want my fussiness to result in a poorer quality surround system.
After visiting a few review sites and forums, I am particularly interested in the Marantz NR1604. This has received good reviews, is "slimline" and within my budget. There are a few threads on AVF which suggest there may be some niggling problems and that a slim system will mean forfeiting audio quality.
I certainly wouldnt want to take a step back from the quality I experienced with the SC-BT100 so looking for any advice on this.
Also, I will plan to use some or all of the speakers from the Panasonic system in the mean time (except the four rear/surround speakers which only have 3ohm impedence). I will plan to replace these eventually if anyone has advice on what may be a good choice (i do like discrete, wall mounted speakers).

Many thanks for reading this far and many thatnks in advance for any repies I am about to receive.



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The Marantz receiver is a good product for a slimline AV receiver, but you may not be able to use the speakers from your previous setup with it? It is advised that you not use speakers with an impedance less than 6 ohm with such a receiver and you'll need an active as opposed to passive subwoofer. The subwoofer included with the Panasonic's SC-BT100 is a passive model and while the front and centre speakers have an impedance of 6 ohm, the surround speakers only have an impedance of 3 ohm.

Derek J Spence

Novice Member

Thanks for your input. I was not aware of active/passive so great to know (this is why I enter these forums). I will try and find more suitable speakers and an active SW as soon as possible.

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