Will Magnepan MMGs damage bridged Rotel RMB-1066?


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I got a brand new pair of Magnepan MMGs because one of my 14-year-old MMGs was apparently damaged by a domestic feline. In the meantime, I had been using a Rotel RMB-1066 in bridged mode to provide three front channels to three 8-ohm-impedance box speakers and was expecting to do the same with my two new and one old MMG but now I see the documented 8-ohm requirement for bridged mode.

Therefore, as a conservative measure for my new purchase, I reconfigured the wiring to use "stereo" (i.e. non-"bridged") mode, and the performance of the RMB-1066 is rather disappointing (I really have to crank it up to ~80% to hear TV well) compared with what I recall from the Outlaw 1050's amps, which are rated at 65W/channel into 8 ohms in 3-channel mode. Granted, the RMB-1066 is rated for only 60W/channel into 8 ohms of SIX channels, but the the latter is really three pairs of amplifiers, so...

If I were to run the 4-ohm MMGs in bridged mode on the RMB-1066--i.e. three pairs of amps, as designed--my understanding is the amps will see an impedance of only 2 ohms (even the rear label specifies minimum 8 ohms for bridged mode). At the 4-ohm level it doesn't even get warm at the highest volumes, but then again I don't know what will happen with voltages and other interactions at a lower impedance.

I know the RMB-1066 has low-impendance detection among other protections, but I have no desire to test that facility intentionally. I do know it's so sensitive it briefly cuts out when I switch on a fluorescent light on the same house circuit.

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