Will it snow tomorrow?

Will it snow on Wednesday 20th January

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The met office says nothing of snow, whilst the BBC website says heavy snow from 9am.

What do you think?


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The BBC weather said the south/west would see some snow tomorrow.


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I voted No as it isn't forecast up here until thursday:D


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Where is the option on the poll for I :censored: hope so:devil:


Luton had Prob40 for snow , so I have been told today


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Prob40 for snow

A bit of googling suggests this means between a 30% and 50% chance in some strange airport speak :D Do you guys have a machine that turns all this gobbledegook into real words?! I just found this ....

LONDON LUTON (EGGW) - 2010/01/19 17:02 TAF EGGW 191702Z 1918/2018 11008KT 2000 BR BKN001 BECMG 1918/1921 6000 NSW SCT002 BKN005 PROB30 TEMPO 1920/2003 SCT004 PROB40 TEMPO 2003/2008 4000 BR TEMPO 2008/2018 3000 -SN BKN003 PROB30 TEMPO 2010/2018 0800 SN BKN001 BECMG 2014/2017 03006KT



Do you guys have a machine that turns all this gobbledegook into real words?!

Nope , most of the guys and girls I work with understand it . I should learn to really, but I have plenty to be geting on with of my own :D


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Snow is a stretch

BBC website says "mixture of rain and snow"

Last I checked that is called "sleet" and will melt on contact :rolleyes: But then again the Met cannot even predict where their own backsides are these days


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Chances of snow in West Notts... i'd say 10% at best.

edit - just seen the forecast - 5%.

Sniper Ash6

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forecast to hit as far south as Winchester & Basingstoke..
I hope Basingstoke isnt hit, need to be in college for an exam tomorrow

I voted no as believe it's too warm and last i heard we are due rain


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We've got a shallow covering, and still snowing a bit. Amazingly this small amount was enough to completely snarl up the local roads. People driving like idiots in the treacherous conditions have caused a few accidents.

Sniper Ash6

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Its snowing very heavily here, only settling on the grass so hope the roads stay ok as have to leave for my exam soon


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Been snowing here in the the 'Shire for hours although it appears to have rained overnight so it's not settling..yet

Sniper Ash6

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Its starting to settle on the paths and roads now, will try and get a pic if i can

Sniper Ash6

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Taken quickly with my phone


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Still none here yet. Although BBC weather says heavy snow for 12:00. I shall update...
I've been to Adsa and stocked up for the coming deluge.

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