Will Intel Integrated Graphics do?

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I'm a bit out of touch but will the intergrated graphics on today's Laptops (e.g. £600 15.4") be comparable to the GeForce 2 I've got in my 7 years old Desktop? e.g. run Trainz with reasonable detail, occasional freezing and pop-up on distant trees etc.

Magazines reviews often say the graphics tests wouldn't run but I'm not looking to run Doom 3 @ 50fps.

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NOT Doom 3, but Trainz Railroad Simulator (and similar for 5 year old) which has a Minimum Requirement like "64MB 3D Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce equivalent), XP/W2K/ME/98, DirectX®9.0 or higher".

It'll be running Vista Home BTW. Cheers, Matt.


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you would get more fps with xp over vista.....

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