Will I lose some quality


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Hi all
am in the process of moving and resetting up my home cinema, I was thinking of chasing the walls and placing my speaker cable into it and using speaker wall plates to connect up the speakers, will I lose any quality from the cable which is Chord Company Odyssey4 if I do this and then use a short piece of cable from the wall plate to the speakers, at present my speakers(B&W804) are biwired and connected directly to the amp(pioneer sc-lx90) via cables and are a bit too thick to run under the carpet.


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Rather than wallplates, have you thought about fitting brush faceplates? By fitting wall plates, you're introducing a break in the cable with could potentially degrade the signal. Some speaker cable is specifically designed for installing in walls and has extra insulation. I haven't ran my Van Damme 2.5mm hifi cable but it looks like it will be possible to run it around the room between the skirting and the carpet gripper as it is flat(ish). Alternatively you could run something like D-Line around the room.

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