Will I like GTA4?


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Hi guys, I can't decide whether to get this game or not. I've never played a GTA game before and wouldn't be too bothered about playing it, but it's getting such rave reviews, its making be think I may be missing out on something.

Now the thing is, the only similar game that i've played is Saints Row, and tbh, I found it boring. I actually quite liked the main missions, but having to do the side missions to build up your respect before you could tackle the main missions just became too repetitive and I couldn't be bothered to finish it.

Does GTA4 have a similar structure, or can I just plough through the main missions at will?



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IF you liked the main missons in Saints Row I'd say you'd love the missions in GTA. You don't have to bother with the side missons if you don't want to, i'm only about 30% in (best missons still to come) but have played over 15 hours and for me half the fun of the game is just exploring/messing around, the city feels so alive compared to saints row which I did enjoy. Just opened up the second island and able to nick a chopper for the heli tours place, no doubt will spend many more hours just messing about, not in any hurry to complete, just enjoying it a lot. Took a while to get into initially but loving it now.


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You dont have to do side missions. Alot of people i know that didnt like previous GTA's are syaing they are going to buy this because of the hype.

In my view if you really dont like the previous GTA's at all, you definitely wont like the new one. Its more of the same but all a bit better - which is just what most people wanted!

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