Will going 16:9 lose topBottom edges of 4:3 ?


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Jun 17, 2002
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Always had a 4:3 ratio large screen Sony TV, and as the camcorder screen and as far as I know, old transmissions are this shape, how will the existing recordings I have from the TV over many yrs and my Hi8 and MiniDV footage cope when played back on a 16:9. Not planning on going high definition etc etc just yet for ££££ reasons, and with the sudden demise of the 4:3, I have a chance of a Sony 16:9 replacement, a KV-28WF1U. I don't however want to find that my recordings when enlarged up without choice to fit the width, end up losing the top and bottom of the picture. If 4x4 = 16, the same enlargement to the height gives 12, but its only 9, so I lose 3, thats 25% of the height :eek:

Can this TV or all widescreens enlarge to fit height and have a black margin left and right for where there is no picture to fit the width. I see distorted images on widescreen TVs and am surprised peeps like this where the picture is pulled to fit space and faces etc are far too wide. I dont want cropping or distortion of my existing footage either.

You always get a choice of at least the following:

1: Display the full 4x3 image at it's correct height and width. The height fills the screen; the width does not. This is the only correct way to do it.

2: Force the 4x3 image to fit the screen both ways (wrong - stretches it horizontally).

3: Stretch the 4x3 image unevenly to fill the screen but with stretch distortion concentrated at the edges, not the centre. (Also wrong, but very popular).

4: Fit the 4x3 image to the width but keep the correct proportions. Top and/or bottom (you usually can move it up and down) are therefore cropped off. This is the right way to view letterboxed movies etc. as only the letterboxing (black bits) are cropped. Laserdiscs and widescreen versions on tape are examples.
All my DV stuff in 16x9.

Broadcasts are normally 16x9 now (via digital), and all Sony W/S TVs have 4x3, Zoom, 14x9, 16x9 and Smart modes
Thanks all for the feedback, I also now gather the KV-28WF1U recognises 4:3 input and gives side margins, not sure if it has option 3 edge distortion but methinks I shall view as option 1.

Merlin :)

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