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Hi, my relative has a cheap Bush tv (LED40127fhdcntd) which is fixed to a shared wall in her house, and the neighbours have mentioned the sound coming through into their house, now considering its a new property with no real sound deadening and she only has the sound at a normal level, I suggested fitting auxiliary forward facing speakers that might have an effect on the sound penetration, the internal speakers are facing down at the lower edge of the tv. My query is; will the sound from the internal speakers be muted if external ones are fitted? Any help or alternative advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Even if they are not muted, you can turn the Internal Speaker On and Off in the Menus.

I think the problem is that the TV is physically mounted to the wall. Vibration actually travels better through solid objects than it does through air. So, it could literally be passing through the wall into the neighbors space. Not just through the air gap, but literally though the physical wall.

One option would be to mount the TV on a Stand, not set it on a stand but mount it on a stand, as indicated in there two examples -

Either a free standing TV stand to be used with any equipment stand -

Superfi - Optimum BDI Arena 9972 TV Mount

Or a TV stand that has, what I call, a Backbone to mount the TV on -

Superfi - Techlink Echo EC130TV AV Stand with TV Mount

I'm not endorsing these two products, they were just the first two photos I found. They serve as illustrations only.

As to speakers, the advantage will comes from the speakers not being mounted on the wall. If they are on the TV stand or on their own stands, that is some advantage.

There is one potential small problem. Most TV only have Digital Optical Audio Outputs, which means you would need a DAC (digital to analog converter). Some TVs, though it is becoming more rare will have analog (meaning not digital) outputs, and some will have a Headphone out.

The key consideration is - how to control the volume.

Digital Out are Fixed Volume and requires the external device to have its own volume control. For example, and external amp is likely to have a Remote Control to control the volume.

Some Analog out can be switched between Fixed and Variable, though again, that is becoming more rare. If you have Fixed output only, then the external device will need its own volume control and preferably, a Remote Volume Control. If it has the Variable Analog option in the AUDIO menu, so much the better. In this last case, finding speakers becomes a bit easier.

If you have a Headphone out, naturally that will be controlled by the TV Volume Control. This is a very good options if you want simplicity and minimal cost. But it hinges on the TV having a Headphone out.

If these sources of external sound for your TV are FIXED output level, then whatever external audio equipment you use will need a Volume Control.

However, if you have the option to select VARIABLE, or if you use the Headphone out, the list of choice become larger and more simple.

Lastly, the speakers in modern TVs are TINY. To hear anything at all, you have to crank the volume up pretty high. I doubt that the TV speakers are even as big as your thumb. With good and larger speakers, you will be able to hear and discern what is being said much easier, and as a result, will not need as much volume.

One additional tip would be to line the wall behind the TV with Acoustic Foam. These come in a variety of colors and patterns. The price, I won't say is low, but it is modest and reasonable it you want to keep the peace. Unfortunately, the common 2" Foam absorbs mostly Mids and Highs, deep bass will still penetrated to some extent.

The Auralex website seems to be down right now, so the following links are just for the Photos. Auralex is a major brand, but there are lower cost companies out there.

There are some photos of the flat Acoustic Foam Panels, just to give you a visual about what I'm talking about.

Auralex StudioFoamPro 2' x 2'

Here is wedge shaped foam, and it is shown in 2 different colors. I think Auralex comes in perhaps 6 colors - blue, green, maroon, grey, purple, etc...

Auralex Roominators D36 - Charcoal/Burgundy

It also comes in a Pyramid or Convoluted shape -

Here is an example of Pyramid -

Auralex 2

This is an example of Convoluted Foam, also know as Egg-Carton -

The Foam Factory, Acoustic Foam, Sound proofing Foam, Eggcrate Foam, Eggcrate, Convoluted Foam,

Again, the products listed are for the Photos only. Just to give you some sense of what I am talking about.



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Thanks very much for your reply, very thorough and helpful.
I assumed there might be a transference through the wall via vibration, so perhaps I could insulate against this using some rubber/foam washers between tv and bracket, and bracket and wall, a stand is no good because the tv is mounted above a fixed feature, but perhaps some kind of sound insulation panel may be effective.
I will go ahead and get some external speakers and see if this helps.
Excellent reply, thank you.

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