Will epson be releasing new projectors soon?


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Hi People

I've been looking at getting a TW7100, reason being seem a good choice for my needs (4k, bright, lens shift) but I fear that as soon as I buy one there will be a new model as this model seems quite old now??

Does any one know if new models are due for release soon?

i do like the spec on the tw7400 but I fear my room being all white and the PJ being approx. 5m away from the screen the projector maybe dim even at night when i watch it the most.

Cheers Si

Pictures attached

Pic 1 = Epson EB 2250u
Pic 2 = 127 inch screen 1.1 gain
Pic 3 = Epson EB L615u
Pic 4 = Epson EB L615u


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Tight Git

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Does any one know if new models are due for release soon?

Little point in asking, as those few forum members who actually know (dealers) are probably sworn to secrecy for commercial reasons.

Anything else will be speculation.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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