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Question Will EDID Manager solve my DTS HD MA challenges?


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I am trying to solve a niggle regarding DTS-HD output.


I have a Panasonic DMP-UB390. I want it to output:

  • 4K HDR on LG B7 TV (this is working – it’s connected to the player's *Video* HDMI port)
  • DTS HD Master Audio to my Sony STR-DA2400 (this is the area of challenge: it is connected via the player’s *Audio* HDMI port)
Try as I might, I am only able to get non-HD DTS to reach the Sony amp (yet Dolby TrueHD works). According to Panasonic, it should be possible to bitstream DTS-HD over HDMI from the device, but despite changing (it feels like) every sound/hdmi setting on the player, no luck.


If I bring up the playback information on the Panny, it shows that the disc has DTS-HD MA, but it is sending the signal via HDMI Audio port as DTS only.

I tried connecting the Panasonic direct to the amp using the Video HDMI port only – still no luck: it again shows non-HD DTS is being sent.

My PC running LibreElec *does* work using passthru; I get DTS HD Master Audio lit up on the front of the amp. :clap: (I even hooked it up using same HDMI cable and same port on amp to verify the connections are not part of the problem)

My old PS3 *will* give me DTS HD Master Audio, although it didn't auto-detect it as an output format – I had to configure it manually.

Generally, I am stumped…


The PS3 behaviour made me wonder if there is an issue with regards EDID (I am novice on this topic – didn’t know what EDID was until about two days ago) on the Sony amp. Therefore, I am wondering if one of these might help… HDFury Dr HDMI 4K - The Media Factory. (I am not sure how much faith to put in cheap and cheerful alternatives on Amazon).

I would prefer to avoid buying a new player or amp, hence reaching out for help.

Any advice, guidance, alternative options or experience shared would be most welcome, please.

Many thanks!

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
As you say it 'should' work - though there are plenty of settings which could be causing the problem, can we assume LPCM, secondary audio and down mix are all disabled?

Always worth ensuring your are running the latest firmware on all devices, reset to default and start over with settings and disable CEC (it can cause a few oddities at times).



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@Joe Fernand

Thanks, Joe. I have had all of those things disabled, yes - but I will double check to be sure.

I did a little further investigation to try to get more EDID info from the amp. I booted PC to a different Linux and used edid-decode to see what it told me about the Sony; the audio data block info is below. I doesn't seem to mention DTS-HD, so I am leaning towards that being the cause of the problem (but given my zero experience of dealing with EDID, I am not yet leaping to any conclusions).

If the HD Fury device does what I think it does (i.e. tell the player what the capabilities are, then passes on the data to the amp in the format specified) then it looks like it might help - I thought the 4K version might future-proof things a little, but I suspect the non-4K would actually do the job.

Audio data block
MAT (MLP), max channels 8
Supported sample rates (kHz): 48
Audio data block
Linear PCM, max channels 2
Supported sample rates (kHz): 192 96 48 44.1 32
Supported sample sizes (bits): 24 20 16
AC-3, max channels 6
Supported sample rates (kHz): 48 44.1 32
Maximum bit rate: 640 kb/s
Dolby Digital+, max channels 8
Supported sample rates (kHz): 48 44.1
DTS, max channels 6
Supported sample rates (kHz): 48 44.1
Maximum bit rate: 1536 kb/s

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
The HDFury Dr HDMI and Dr HDMI 4K will sit between the Source and AVR and ‘spoof’ the Source with whatever EDID you want to send it - that way you can try adding Output options on the Source which the Sink (in your case the AVR) is not announcing it is capable of - the HDMI signal passes through the Dr HDMI 4K unaltered, you are simply enabling more options on the Source.



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Last week, I finally got around to placing the order. It arrived today and I am pleased to say that, after downloading a 7.1 EDID profile to use in a Custom slot, DTS-HD Master Audio is being output from the Panasonic DMP-UB390 to my amp!

Thanks very much, Joe, for helping me achieve this success.

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