Will Denon 1920 work with Philips PF9986 ?


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Greetings :hiya:

I have a Philips PF9986 LCD and have a wonderful Sony NS955 player running via component through the DVI input to the screen. The picture is fantastic (although I do have some blue screen problems that Sony are addressing with the player :mad: ). The connections are abysmally messy (component to VGA to DVI :rolleyes: ) and I am certain that this must detract from the best picture that could be displayed.

My question, if you can help me, is whether the Denon 1920 through a direct DVI connection could provide me with a better picture?

From the threads I have read here I also see that thre are teething problems with the Denon (it shuts down if you stop the dvd mid way through to resume at a later time :suicide: ). In addition I have read that a DVI input can result in a border around the image reducing the visible size displayed.

Can anybody confirm these glitches or let me have your view?

Many thanks, all advice gratefully received.


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I also have a pf9986 LCD, it is attached to a Samsung HD850. When you use 480p or 576p or1080i the screen then scales to the native res. If you use 720p the image output is 1280x720p so there is a border round the screen as the philips shows 720p at it's correct res and doesn't scale it to fit the screen. I am thinking of getting the Denon also. I must say that I so far leave the settting on 576p as it produces (for me) a better picture than 720p. They are very close but the border does get a bit annoying on 720p. I have been also looking at the Philips DVP9000S which has HDMI and thinking they might be a good match. Anyone got any views on this player.


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Billsykes, the only way to find out if it is better than your sony is to buy/borrow one and compare the both machines hand in hand.
I've only had my player for a week and so far no teething problems as discussed on this forum. Also I've only experienced the player using a single HDMI-HDMI cable connection.

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The Denon 1920 doesn't actually have a dvi connection but i think you mean is get a hdmi-dvi cable?

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