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Will Denon 1920 work with PF9986 ?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by BillSykes, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. BillSykes

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    Sep 9, 2004
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    Greetings :hiya:

    I have a Philips PF9986 LCD and have a wonderful Sony NS955 player running via component through the DVI input to the screen. The picture is fantastic (although I do have some blue screen problems that Sony are addressing with the player :mad: ). The connections are abysmally messy (component to VGA to DVI :rolleyes: ) and I am certain that this must detract from the best picture that could be displayed.

    My question, if you can help me, is whether the Denon 1920 through a direct DVI connection could provide me with a better picture?

    From the threads I have read here I also see that thre are teething problems with the Denon (it shuts down if you stop the dvd mid way through to resume at a later time :suicide: ). In addition I have read that a DVI input can result in a border around the image reducing the visible size displayed.

    Can anybody confirm these glitches or let me have your view?

    Many thanks, all advice gratefully received. :smashin:
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  2. Alan D

    Alan D

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    Hi Bill - I can't comment specifically about the 1920 - but I have its predecessor the 1910 connected via DVI to my 9986 and the results are excellent. I use a quality DVI-DVI cable (about £40). Pictures at 576p and 1080i will fill the screen with no border and at 720p you will get a border, as the image occupies the central 720 pixels (out of 768). If having a border is a problem for you, then do what I do and watch at 576p or 1080i - both of which give excellent results.

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