will Contrast on a Panny 6 beat my projector?


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I'm thinking of selling my Sony VW11HT projector and 6ft Grayhawk screen, and replacing it with a Panasonic Plasma.

I don't use the projector that often as it dominates the smallish room, and I have no option other than to sit too close to it.
The fan noise also puts me off a bit and I just end up using my old 32" Philips W/S TV.

Would the Panny plasma offer a considerably better contrast ratio and shadow detail than my current projector?


That's the biggest question in home cinema. To me, it isn't home cinema without a projector, but a plasma makes a very much better TV replacement, in spite of the odd buzz they too emit. You've got a relatively loud PJ by today's standards, a plasma will be a huge improvement there. But the picture, in spite of better contrast, might not compare well in other ways.


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Thanks guys.

I've seen the Panny 6 in action and it looked good, but my worry was that after living with one for a while I might wish I'd kept the PJ. You both make it sound like it could be gamble.... so I'm thinking it would be sensible to hold off for a while.

Probably the wrong place to ask, but is it possible to change the fan(s) inside the VW11 to something that runs (alot) quieter.


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I have a simelar dilemma!

I'm thinking about moving my cinema to another room upstairs away from the bedrooms. At the moment I can't really use it, as it wakes the wife & daughter up, even at moderately quiet levels.

Problem is that at the moment I have a nice 9" CRT onto a 80" screen, and I can't fit this, or any projector into the intended room.(its an attic room with sloped ceilings) I'd have to use a plasma. I guess, as Gordon says that you get used to it but I'm worried I'd seriously regret it. Having said that, at least I'd be able to use it!

A tough one :confused:



Interesting that Maw and Gordon are both indicating a preference for the projector.

I'm tossing up between the Pio 504 plasma and the Sanyo PLV-Z2 projector at the moment, to be used mostly for DVDs at night. I thought that the advantage of the projector was mostly image size (apart from being 20% of the plasma price!) so I'm interested that Gordon says the plasma will have more artifacts.

Since the picture on a smaller CRT/LCD/Plasma always looks better than a large one, shouldn't a projector at, say, 80" look worse than a 50" plasma?

Probably a question for the projector forum, but is the Z2 going to look ok projected from 3m or less when viewed at 2.8m?


Short answer yes, keep the picture down to 7ft across. Projectors are usually higher res than plasmas as well as suffering less from artefacts, the picture almost always looks better. I currently run a Z2 digitally connected to an iscan ultra, even 'er indoors remarked the other day that it was way better than the plasma, analogue VGA from iscan.



Thanks for the quick reply.

Keeping it down to 7ft across should be no problem - still way bigger than a 50" plasma.
Is my 2.8m viewing distance going to be ok? Am I likely to see screen door at that distance?

The res of the Z2 and the pio 504 are pretty close but, apart from reducing screen door, i didn't think the res would matter much if being fed DVD at less lines than the vertical res.

Hmm, after drooling over plasmas for 6 months, I think a PJ might be the answer!


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I went to have another look at some Plasmas today, and I think I've convinced myself that I need a Panny 6!
It was way better than I remembered. 10 times better than its nearest rival and the equal or better than a good CRT picture.
Panasonic really seem to have stolen a huge lead and I wouldn't consider any other make at the moment.. not even a Pioneer!

You're right though... you need both a plamsa & a projector.
I looked at a projector that was also on dem, and immediately wanted it! I just reminded myself that I already had one of those and relaxed.


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I am certainly more than happy with my Panny 6 which trounces my old Mitsubishi CRT. Very good deals available on it at the moment, got mine from av-sales.

Joe Fernand

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Why limit yourself to the Z2? Gordon may well get a few more artefacts on his £3.5K plasma then he likes but then he never had a £3.5k (or cheaper) projector :)

If you dont suffer from 'rainbows' why not consider a DLP + a High Contrast (Fixed) screen - that should ensure you dont suffer from screen door and will work well in controlled lighting!

Best regards



The long throw of DLPs might be a problem for me (max 3m to play with) and the Z2's screen shift capability would also be very useful to me. It's also available through pricejapan and a relatively inexpensive way to test the waters of PJ ownership.

Saw an Infocus 5700 on a recent visit to London. Great image but I couldn't live with the pitch of the noise it was putting out.

If Maw owns a Z2, they must be ok.

I don't mind spending a little money to get a decent screen, although I'm living in China and the availability of good screens is going to be limited. Plenty of Chinese screens, but hard to find out what gain they are and I suspect most are not that good!

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