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Will Chelsea v Barca finish 11 v 11??

Will Chelsea V Barca end 11 v 11 players

  • Yes it will end 11 v 11

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No it won't end 11 v 11

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

    Votes: 6 54.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-known Member
Given the last CL game against Barca, and today's game, will the rematch finish 11 v 11 men (if you can call them that!)? This poll is also just an excuse for me to have a rant at Chelski :devil:

We've already had a thread about the 1st game, so I won't go there again. But today's game against West Brom, in patches, was just as dispicable in Chelsea's reaction and attitude. It starts with the manager, and finishes with the players. One in particular that just plain annoy's me everytime I see him play, Drogba. Forget Savage, Bellamy, Alan Smith etc..., Drogba is the most gut-wrenchingly annoying player in the league. The team smacks of arrogance, but Drogba is arrogance on steroids :mad:

His actions in flying in from 30 yards away to argue with the ref for the challenge on Makalele and then the Robben sending off, one trying to get the West Brom player sent off, and then to stop his own player getting sent off were laughable. I would have loved it, loved it, if the ref had booked Drogba for both instances, and he would have got sent off also :thumbsup:

Apart from Cech, Terry, Gallas, and I've no time for Chelsea, and the more he talks and acts, even less time for Mourhinio. Him refusing to shake hands with Robson is just sad!

I hope Chelsea gets knocked out of the CL, and they go down to 10 players or less, and lose 4-1 or some other embarrissing score :D


Distinguished Member
I dont really care but wouldnt mind seeing a few scuffs. I really try to like Chelsea but they take the *:devil: * far too much. Today another example leaving West Brom waiting on the pitch until they are ready to come out, and that waste that is Drogba (£24 Million :suicide: ).
So Barca to win 10-9 on men and whatever on agg :)


Im a spurs fan that hated chelski for years with a passion until last season when they started to play some really good football.Now i've started hating them again as all they seem to do is dive cheat and surround the ref moaning,after seeing lastnight game it looks like there the new man utd .Much prefer hating them to tell the truth.:clap:

Hope barca stuff them.:D


Well-known Member
Talking of diving, here's a quote from the UEFA Cheif Executive:

The Uefa chief also believes that diving has become a real problem for English football.

"It seems it has been significantly more in Britain than in the other parts of Europe..."

What a stupid comment :mad: Diving happens a lot more in foreign football, but it never gets in the headlines as it is accepted. Just watch Spanish footie on Sky, and you'll see dozens of dives and feigning injury, but nobody cares. Here we do find it offensive, and make a big deal of every occurance.

I'd want UEFA to pull their finger out of their :censored: and do something about it, but with comments like the above, that's never going to happen :rolleyes:


Senior Moderator
Another option on the poll coulda been...

"You want the truth?.......You can't handle the truth!"


Distinguished Member
Sorry, I would like to see Chelsea win. I can't stand Barca. The two are as bad as each other.

I don't think anybody, in particular supporters of the 'big five' can take any other team or manager to task for gamesmanship off, or cheating on the pitch.

Robson irritated me with his whining about Drogba, as while I agree Drogba should have been booked for play acting, his own player went down as if pole axed by Robben, from a tackle which, while there was clear intent, there was no contact.

The hypocracy of players, managers, and, I'm afraid, supporters as well, means this will never get sorted.

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