Will AVR300 pass through 720p/1080i?


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Done a search but can't find a definitive answer here, and the manual isn't that clear either:

The high-quality component video inputs have sufficient bandwidth for line-doubled NTSC (525/60) or PAL (625/50) video (“progressive scan”) and also US HDTV video signals.

Will the AVR300 allow 720p/1080i video signal on its component input/outputs (is this what US HDTV signals means)? I know it does 480p/576p, having used both using my modded XBOX and DV29. But with the impending 720p availability on the XBOX360, will 720p be passed through also?




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LFCRules said:
...(is this what US HDTV signals means)?...
Yes, by definition HDTV in the US is 720p or 1080i.

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