Will any Streamer do what I need it too?


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I currently have the Playon HD Mini and it's a great player for my needs. Up until the wife became interested in it.

Is there any way I can get the player to jump straight to the YAMJ selection screen from the main menu? Trying to explain the path selection to my better half is painfull...

If not, then is there any player on the market that will allow me to select one option and then jump straight to the movie selection screen? Happy to upgrade and move the Playon upstairs.


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Straight to a movie wall selection, maybe the Mede8er and its video wall feature which is available on the main screen with the latest firmware. You'll have to populate folders with the appropriate JPG's.

The shortest path to a media wall with almost no setup is probably XBMC if you get a second hand AppleTV (1st gen) to run it on and also can't be HD only SD content unless you do a hardware upgrade on it. Scans a folder itself and no need for separate ones for each movie, library mode and multiple view methods, whatever takes your fancy.

The Boxee Box in the long run may be a viable option it was supposed to be exactly for this automatic metadata generation and user friendly only Boxee changed the GUI at the last moment making it more difficult to play local content, not suitable yet but they're saying they will address it so maybe if your still not happy with whatever else is out there.
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Same issue with my SWIMBO.
I use a WDTV Live with mod'd firmware and now have a plugin to go straight to the movie files on boot up, bypassing a lot of navigation button pushes and scrolling up/down through options.
I still have a bit of finessing to do, but at am almost there.
Power on, press the right arrow twice until she sees moviesheets can't be all bad.....considering what us lads can actually do with these boxes!

HD content is fine via MKV, but no DTS-MA as with the Playon, and as mentioned above this 'jump to' feature relies on a wee bit of easy hacking.

Edit, you will need to generate your own artwork, but this is done via Thumbgen on a PC and is pretty easy to do, especially if you only want thumbs on a wall. Full screen moviesheets take a while longer, but are simple to do once you have your head round the process.

Edit again...There are other options that can aggregate libraries and merge Nas and locally stored libraries so they appear as if they are on a single drive, useful if you have a mix of USB and Network stored content. Again, this is less confusing for other users of your streamer. Again a wee hack is required to enable this. Most this hacking can be walked through via this forum.
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Any of the HDI Dune players can have a shortcut to Zappiti (one of the many Dune equiv. of YAMJ) put onto the home screen. So it is just a matter of moving to the Zappiti icon and pressing enter on the remote and the video wall is put on the screen.
I'm not sure if it auto displays, but the PCH players now have a built in video wall so that might work for you.


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