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will any NAS drive work with a PS3?


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I'm looking for a NAS drive so that i can download the stuff on my PC send it to the NAS then it can be accessible to any devise on my home network. will my PS3 recognize any NAS without a problem and play files OK?

I'm not playing anything big just some movies nothing high def and albums etc.


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just wondered it it would recognize the NAS ok without the NAS running PS3 media server. as my PS3 wont recognize my PC unless its running PS3 media server wondered if it would be a similar type of scenario


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You need to make sure the NAS comes with or is capable of running a DLNA server application. 'Most' come with one or one can be installed but not all.

Not all NAS drives do support DLNA as not all streaming devices need this.

As Axum said Twonkymedia is probably the most common one running on NAS drives.


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cool thanks just doing my research so i know what i should be expecting. thinking of a buffalo linkstation that seams to be a popular choice


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well got a laCie netowrk space NAS and the PS3 has no idea its there :mad:

not happy will get my money back and get somthing else instead

HD sceptic

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I have a lacie openspace, and my PS3 sees it no problem.

I had the lacie first, and it already had music and video files on it, when I bought the PS3 slim, I connected to my home wifi network, and the PS3 recognised the NAS straight away, and it displays it in the PS3 menu as the lacie logo in blue on a white background.

On an annoying note, 1 of my PC's loses the drive (the only one that is connected by a network cable to the same router the NAS is attatched to) but my ps3, laptop, wii, psp and xbox 360 can all connect to it

Try transferring some music files to the drive and then rescan the network for the drive

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