Will an ethernet bridge work with DLNA??


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Hi All

I am newbee to site and there is some great advice and experience on here! I've done quite a bit of research over the last week or so :lesson: and hopefully someone can confirm if my proposed setup will work and put my mind at ease before I lash out the cash!:laugh:

I have a new Bravia with DLNA in an extension to the rear of the house, I was hoping to run an ethernet cable to my router/NAS location via existing conduits but this was not possible and I dont want to be running it exposed along skirtings so now I am considering using a bridge. I've been looking at either the netgear WNCE2001-100UKS or the Buffalo WLAE-AG300N. From what I read the TV should be totally oblivious to the bridge and think that it has a wired connection..... can any one confirm? Is anyone using a bridge for a TV?

I am upgrading my modem/router and as I have a DSL connection I have opted for the netgear DGN3500 as this seems to get good reviews and tick the most boxes for what I am after. When the kiddies get up I want to be able to stream movies from the NAS to the Bravia (I havent decided on my NAS yet!). The distance is only about 8m and there isnt much in the way of walls in the way (hallway thru kitchen to extension, fairly clear path). Should this router and the bridge combination be able to stream to the TV reliably? I have read of some limitations of streaming from devices connected to the router's USB port but maybe this is not a concern with a real NAS connected via a gigabit ethernet port? And is it then just limited by the quality of my 2.4GHZ wireless network and the load of other devices on it? I am also assuming the TV and NAS both need static IPs so that the TV knows where the NAS is, right?

Other than than the above, there will be 2 laptops and 1 squeezebox on the network for now!

Any comments appreciated!
Thanks :thumbsup: guys!


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I use an Ethernet bridge successfully hooking up my QNAP/Twonky media server to my trusty Popcorn Hour. I think mine is Dlink, but it worked first time and I forget it's there.

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