Will a single SVS CS-Ultra be enough?


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Do you think a single SVS CS-Ultra w/Samson S1000 amplifier will provide enough bass in a 14x14 room?


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I that 14 foot by 14 foot right?

Yes I should think so, SVS Ultras give out some serous bass output I can imagine that will be plenty.

I say that if I had the money it would get one.

Couch Potato

The PCi's are stunning I can only dream of how good the CS Ultra's are!! Dont forget they are 39" high and 16" diameter. Thats big!! My PCi 25/31 isn't exactly small. I've got it in a 15x9 room and get serious dB 16-80hz pretty much flat.



I just got a SVS 20-39 PC+ for my 14'X18' HT :D. I had to reduce the Subs sound level to -6 db on my receiver, and the PC+ volume to between 1/4 and 1/3. This setting makes my Sofa tremble at high Bass scenes, e.g. LOTR ... etc :eek:.

Also, the sub is HUGE. Like you I was thinking about getting a pair of these monsters. Now I am glad that I just got one. They are brilliant subs, but placing two of those in my small room would have been difficult.

My recommendation, I am not an expert, is to go with one. They are HUGE and unbelievably powerful. You can add one later if you need to.

When I contacted Tom from SVS about my Sub purchase, he recommended a PCi for my room size and listening habits. I went with the PC+ and it is excellent. You can always contact the guys at SVS with your questions, listening habits, equipment, and room layout. They will give you a recommendation in no time. You can contact them at [email protected]

Good luck. These are excellent beasts. You will be surprised at how your system sounds after fitting one of these monsters.

Bone Daddy

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Ditto what everyone above has said Kain,get one see what you think,you wont be disapointed at all,tremondous power and serious bass :eek: (and I only have the 39pc+) it should pressure the size room you have very nicely :D if you don`t have adjoining neighbours and feel the need for more low-end then you could get another,but I have a feeling you will be grinning like a demented fool for many weeks after delivery of just one.


I have meassured SPL:s of 108-110 db 50 feet and 2 rooms away from my SVS PC+:D

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