Will a scaler help with "jagging"?


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I've been looking around the forums and couldn't seem to find a straight answer, so here goes:

If I buy a scaler, will it reduce/get rid of the "jagging" effect on motion?

If so, which would be best suited to go with my Sony KDFE50A12, Denon DVD-1920, Xbox & Sky+, based on a budget of upto £800?

Also, can anyone recomennd a supplier willing to do "sale or return" on such a product?


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Do you have jaggies in movie (hollywood etc) or in TV (shows + news + sports etc) watching? Those have different causes. Getting rid of jaggies in movies is easier. Getting rid of jaggies in TV needs more advances video processing. If you're satisfied with getting rid of jaggies in movies only, you can take any of the current gen video processors like Lumagen, iScan, PlasmaEnhancer, whatever. They all work quite fine for movies. However, if you want really good jaggy removal for TV, you need a video processor which has motion adaptive deinterlacing and special jaggy removal algorithms. The Lumagens and iScans do work, but their jaggy removal algorithms are somewhat less effective than those of some of the competition. If you're happy with SD, one of the video processors with a Faroudja video processing chip should do the trick for you (e.g. PlasmaEnhancer or Crystalio). If you want near perfect handling of movie and TV, and that in both SD and HD, then you need to wait for next gen video processors like Vantage-HD, DragonFly, Crystalio 2, Lumagen Radiance etc. None of those are available yet, though (some should be soon).


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Thanks Madshi.

I have noticed it most in movies, but also sometimes in TV too. I guess if I could get rid of it almost entirely in movies and improve the odd problems with TV, then I'd be happy.

Could anyone recommend one in particular as being the best for this job?

Joe Fernand

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The Lumagen VisionDVI with the latest Firmware release should be top of your shopping list - its fully programmable to enable you or your installer to configure each Input to best match each of your sources.

The Lumagen can be set to Output 1280x720P at both 50Hz and 60Hz and connected to your TV's HDMI Input using a suitable DVI to HDMI cable.

Your DVD player is already equipped with a Faroudja DCDi Deinterlacer - do you have problems with DVD playback or mostly Video and Movies from SKY?

To make the most of the Lumagen you may have to contemplate connecting the DVD player to the Lumagen as Interlaced Analogue YUV as Denon often don't enable Interlaced Output from their DVI or HDMI sockets.

A Lumagen VisionDVI has a UK SRP of £798.00 and you'll require a couple of cables to go with it to connect SKY (SCART to 4RCA), DVD (3RCA to 3RCA), X-Box (will depend how much you use it) and the DVI to HDMI cable between the Lumagen and the TV.

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I odnt have any jaggies that are see-able thru the Lumagen Vision HDP runningthe Fuji 50XHA40US...


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Thanks Joe.

I do have problems with DVD playback (via HDMI), even when it is upscaled to 720p by the Denon. As I mentioned, I seem to notice the problem more during DVD playback than via Sky, but it is still there.

Do you know if there is any way I could "try out" the Lumagen on my system before buying it - I've spent nearly £2k on kit already and don't want to spend the extra money unless I can be sure of a real improvement.

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