Will a q50 be enough?



Hi im looking at getting a sub soon but my budget is tight. Im looking to get a q50 2nd hand or a pro 50. I have a yamaha dspe800 marantz pm66 ki sig. amps and heybrook heylo floorstanders and evo1 rears. My room is about 6m square and I have no neighbours:devil: Will one of these subs fill the room (9ft ceiling) enough to put a grin on my face or will I be wanting more oomph. I have only heard cheap subs so i have have no idea on what sort of power they produce Will it rattle my windows:devil: ?? and would I feel it aas well as hear it?
Please dont tell me I need a q150 or something 'cos the missus wont let me spend that much:( Cheers


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What sort of budget are you looking at spending?? Might be better off waiting, increase the budget and get something decent rather than spend it on a lesser sub. Unless you can track down a 2nd hand Rel Q100, Strata etc

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Big room.

I used a Q Bass alone for a few years in my room, a lot smaller at 11" x 12" and it was great. Now I've added a second Q Bass and it's way better.

I can only speculate that in a room that big you'd need more oomph.

As Jase asked, it would come down to how much of a budget you have. If you can stretch it, it'd be worth it without a doubt. I wouldn't like to say what you should buy as I'm not qualified to say. PM Uncle Eric for his opinion, and as he also can sell you something too, I'm sure you'd both be happy.:)


Oh well looks like im going to have to do a spot of grovelling:rolleyes: I suppose I had better take advantage of being neighbourless and get something a bit bigger.
I would like to stretch to 500 quid in an ideal world.
The trouble with buying 2nd hand is my location(Isle of wight)means high postage.
Whats the velodyne sub like compared to a q100?

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