Will a pioneer kuro 5010fd plasma still look good in comparison to low end lcd or 4ks of today?


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I have an opportunity to pick up a pioneer kuro 5010fd with low hours for $160. Should i pass on this and buy new or is this still a good set? The max i could spend on new would be $1000. Thanks for any advice.


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Greetings across the Atlantic Ocean and then further, all the way to Texas (this is a UK-based forum). I'm not sure about the Pioneer model numbers for the American market, but I'll assume that the 5010fd is a 50" model. Only last night, and indeed most nights, I drifted to sleep watching my LX5090 (which is a full HD, 1920 x 1080 television) and I was thinking that it still holds its own compared to my other televisions, including the Sony ZD9.
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