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Will a PAL Slim PS2 work in Japan

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by RockySpieler, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. RockySpieler

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    May 23, 2005
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    Snaking the Lineup
    A colleague (lucky Bar-steward) is going to Japan for 4 weeks. He wants to take his PAL slim PS2 to play games in his hotel room.......All those Japanese women dressed up as school girls, and he want to play video games :suicide: .

    I have told him to buy a XBOX360 when he gets there, but he does not want to spend the mony.

    Anyway the PS2 looks multi-voltage, but has a PAL output, the Japanese TV's are NTSC (I do not think, they would waste money on multi PAL tuners), he has composite and S-video....will it work over there????

    I am unsure as PAL 576 line signal may not work on 480 line NTSC TV. I know on my TV I have to set NTSC input to display properly.

    btw he leaves tomorrow so please answer promptly :lease: , sorry about the urgency.

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